NACOM Is ..... A Company with YOU in Mind ! Who handles your fluids?



image2 is a website about Teflon valves.Specifically  valves that are manufactured  by NACOM FLOW CONTROLS LLC . also known as "NACOM"

Nacom offers a large family of fittings, valves, spray guns, dispense guns, nitrogen guns , gauge isolators,quick exhaust valves.

Some of the industries that use our product is

  • Analytical ( ozone analyzer equipment)
  • Semiconductor wet process
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chromatography
  • Ultra Pure Water 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Research & Development
  • Peptides
  • DI Water 
  • Irregation

Anywhere there is a need to for use running ultra pure fluid systems or requiring valves that are contamination free.

WE ARE NACOM !  "Who handles your Fluids?"

NACOM moves to Long Beach Calif


NACOM has moved to Long Beach California where it shares manufacturing facilities with a company named Plasidyne Engineering  & Manufacturing.

Plasidyne is a top producing  fabricator  of virgin grade PTFE  and has full machine  shop capabilities.

Nacom product includes 

  • A wide range of PTFE fittings  including

  1. Pipe
  2. Compression Tube
  3. Fractional Flared
  4. Sanitary

styles  in fractional and metric . Sizes start at 1/16" going up to 1" dia

  • Raised PTFE Flanges 
  • Solenoid operated diaphragm valves

  1. S series .030 dia up to .090 dia
  2. M series .125 dia up to .375 dia
  3. A series .375 dia up to .500 dia

  • Pneumatic operated diaphragm valves

  1. S series
  2. M series
  3. A  series

  • Original White bandit valve
  • DI Water valve
  • Large orifice drain valves
  • H20 valves
  • Drain valves
  • ACR Valves

  • PTFE Spray guns

  1. Front trigger style
  2. Rear trigger style

  • PTFE Nitrogen guns
  • PTFE Dispense guns
  • Recirculating DI Spray guns

  • Manually operated valves

  1. PTFE stopcocks
  2. PTFE ball valves
  3. PTFE metering valves
  4. PTFE Precision plug valves
  5. PTFE Pressure regulator
  6. PTFE Pressure relief valve
  7. PTFE check valves

  • PTFE Aspirators

  1. Liquid actuated
  2. Air actuated

  • PTFE Dilution drain valve
  • Pneumatic air cylinders
  • Pneumatic quick dump valves

Custom or Standard configurations


All of NACOM'S PTFE Components are fabricated from virgin compression molded  free flow PTFE . Free flow is considered the best  when it comes to Teflon resins.

In addition to the standard configured items, Nacom does manufacture product with special or custom configured  ports,  or we can design and or produce product like multi-valve manifold systems.

Nacom's PTFE Solenoid valves


M series PTFE Solenoid valves



The question is ? Who handles your Fluids?